A term used to emphasise or say something, followed by a short pause or spoken comma. Often used in conjuction with the term "Whatever"
(Each part of the sentence must be spoken as a question).

Originated from those fuckwit teenagers in america.
"So Corey and I went to the movies, and he was so like all over me, and I was so like get off me, and he was so like stop being so frigid, and i was so like whatever, and so I so like got up and left"
by Manx bloke November 6, 2006
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It's used in many Cafe's often by the women.
So like... Darrel broke up with me and... It's just not the same.
by Skip-hop August 10, 2017
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"Like So" is another way to say (like this). sometimes, it means (as you see).
1- You can merge these two photos to make one photo like so.

2- You can use these materials and this kind of glue to make this shape like so.
by Khalid Awadh April 4, 2011
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When someone proclaims something is gay, you say 'So you like it' (Implying they are gay)
Someone: "Your Gay" You: "So you like me?"
by Anti Jack Moff February 28, 2003
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Its when you are having an awkward conversation or you are trying to flirt with someone you say it.
Person 1: -says something -
person 2 - so...you like bread?
Person 1- What? o.o
by @Jarashparadise January 19, 2015
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this phrase is said when there is a silent or awkward moment during a conversation.
you're going to say goodbye to someone and you want to say something but you can't....."so who likes cheesecake?"
by Rayshell September 1, 2008
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by peepeepoopoololz December 18, 2020
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