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The act of microwaving your water instead or boiling it to make tea.
Guy1: Do you like your tea?
Guy2: Yeeeeeaaaah, By the way how did you make it?
Guy1: Oh I just Keffed it for a little.
Guy2: Ew thats disgusting.
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by UnicornGrinder October 16, 2018
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A New Zealand deity, who was born in a volcano 67.4 million years ago. When he emerged from the volcano it caused the end of all life except for mammals and some small reptiles, which later evolved into birds and or alligators. Kef, after causing the demise of the dinosaurs via heat vision, took it upon himself to rest for the good of mankind that had not emerged from their caves yet. He would later single handedly destroy the caves and force them out of hiding and to evolve. After forcing humans to evolve, Kef, slept until he had the desire to single-handedly dig the Panama canal with only his right hand and a plastic spoon, upon finishing the canal he recovered it for later use. Then he decided to build rome in exactly 24 hours after which continuing his slumber untill 1842 whenceforth he roamed the earth until finding Theodore Roosevelt, and taking his form, earthly duties, and sending him back to Val Halla. Kef then took the office of El Presidente. As El Presidente he commissioned the panama canal to be uncovered, thus providing a way through the central American region, but the Cia was catching opnto his rouge, thinking quickly kef then morphed into a dairy cow, and moved to wisconson where he hid until, 1993 whereupon he took the form of a baby boy, in Deleware Ohio. Kef now lives in southeast Michigan, where he waits untill the day where he shall smite down the entire human race.
Preston "Have you seen Kef today?"

Tyler "Yeah he was eating some small child up at city last I saw."
by Kef64 July 19, 2009
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kef, keff,keif, kief

(kɛf, kaɪf, kiːf)

Also kaif, keef, kieff, kif(f).

Arab. kaif, colloquially kef, well-being, good-humour, enjoyment, pleasure.

A state of drowsiness or dreamy intoxication, such as is produced by the use of bhang, etc. The enjoyment of idleness; ‘dolce far niente’. to make (or do) kef, to pass the time in idleness.

(In Morocco and Algeria, in form kief, keef.) Indian hemp or other substance smoked to produce this state. Also attrib.

If something gives you kef, you get a feeling of happiness, satisfaction, or enjoyment from it.
In one corner two Arabs were sitting quietly smoking, and the smell of kif (hashish) was in the air.
Watching sport gave him great kef.
by vorxiz April 03, 2010
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marijuana, bud

from Arabic kayf ‘meaning enjoyment, well-being

i agree
tumaru how much do you love kef, one to ten?........Ten.
by sinsemilla February 08, 2008
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a firm slap to the back of the neck, usually given when a buddy says or does something stupid or pointless, also can be used to describe someone as a "kef"
oi look at this guy, he needs to be keffed.

god that kid is such a kef.
by 313471F3 May 13, 2008
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