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kef, keff,keif, kief

(kɛf, kaɪf, kiːf)

Also kaif, keef, kieff, kif(f).

Arab. kaif, colloquially kef, well-being, good-humour, enjoyment, pleasure.

A state of drowsiness or dreamy intoxication, such as is produced by the use of bhang, etc. The enjoyment of idleness; ‘dolce far niente’. to make (or do) kef, to pass the time in idleness.

(In Morocco and Algeria, in form kief, keef.) Indian hemp or other substance smoked to produce this state. Also attrib.

If something gives you kef, you get a feeling of happiness, satisfaction, or enjoyment from it.
In one corner two Arabs were sitting quietly smoking, and the smell of kif (hashish) was in the air.
Watching sport gave him great kef.
by vorxiz April 03, 2010
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v. slang.


Also gamaruche.

ad. Fr. gamahucher.

trans. To practise fellatio or cunnilingus (with); also intr. Also as n. Hence gamahucher.
The Count and I often sandwiched them between us, which they declared
to be the _ne plus ultra_ of pleasure, while the upper operator
gamahuched the unoccupied quim.
by Vorxiz January 01, 2010
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Forms: 4 resun, 5 resoune, 5–7 reson, 6 rai-, rayson, reazon, Sc. resson, 5– reason.

†1.1 trans. To question (a person); to call (one) to account. = areason v. Obs. rare.

2.2 †a.2.a intr. To hold argument, discussion, discourse or talk with another. Obs.
   The precise sense depends greatly on the context.

†b.2.b (Without const.) To argue, discourse, converse, talk. Obs.

†c.2.c Const. about, against, of, on (a matter). Obs.

d.2.d To employ reasoning or argument with a person, in order to influence his conduct or opinions.

3. a.3.a intr. To think in a connected, sensible, or logical manner; to employ the faculty of reason in forming conclusions (in general, or in a particular instance).
   In early use not clearly distinguished from 2 b.

b.3.b Const. from (premises or data); about, of, upon (a subject).

4.4 With object-clause: a.4.a To question, discuss what, why, etc.

b.4.b To argue, conclude, infer that, etc.

c.4.c To say by way of argument. nonce-use.

5.5 trans. a.5.a To discuss or argue (a matter). Now rare.

b.5.b To explain, support, infer, deal with, by (or as by) reasoning. nonce-uses.

6. a.6.a To bring (a person) into, out of (a state of mind, etc.) by reasoning.

b.6.b To put down by reasoning.

c.6.c To drive away or off by reasoning.

7.7 To think out, to arrange the thought of, in a logical manner.

8.8 To provide with reason; to accompany with a reason. nonce-uses.
reasoning and zealing verbsnoungroups
1.1 Introduction to the noun group
At its simplest, we use language to talk about people and things. We do this by using words in a variety of ways, for example to make statements, to ask questions, and to give orders. The words we choose are arranged into groups, either around a noun or around a verb. They are called noun groups and verb groups.

Noun groups tell us which people or things are being talked about. Verb groups tell us what is being said about them, for example what they are doing.

by vorxiz November 22, 2010
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the new testament of english
The reason for something is a fact or situation which explains why it happens or what causes it to happen.
Who would have a reason to want to kill her

If you say that you have reason to believe something or to have a particular emotion, you mean that you have evidence for your belief or there is a definite cause of your feeling.

The ability that people have to think and to make sensible judgements can be referred to as reason.

If you reason that something is true, you decide that it is true after thinking carefully about all the facts.

If you do not know why someone did something, you can say that they did it for reasons best known to themselves. You usually use this expression when you do not agree with what they did.

If one thing happens by reason of another, it happens because of it. (FORMAL)

If you say that something happened or was done for no reason, for no good reason, or for no reason at all, you mean that there was no obvious reason why it happened or was done.
The guards, he said, would punch them for no reason.
For no reason at all

all strange meaning of it already making sence ,hence,That intellectual power or faculty (usually regarded as characteristic of mankind, but sometimes also attributed in a certain degree to the lower animals) which is ordinarily employed in adapting thought or action to some end; the guiding principle of the human mind in the process of thinking.
by vorxiz April 03, 2010
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