N.When staying true to your "roots"(i.e.,"Real") or your priorities or principles as a person and applying to a certain type of a event or Situation.
When Rodney was confronted by the police officer for speeding and driving recklessly,he had 2 choices. 1)Either get out of the vehicle and surrender to the police officers or 2)Confront the officers. He decided to "Keep it real" so he advances the officer,unknowing that the officers would tazer him and beat him to the ground. His actions leading up to the "LA Riots" Rodney is a perfect example of "Keepin it Real" but its also a good example of "When keepin it real goes wrong"
by Baby Loc July 17, 2005
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1: a term that has been largely convoluted by "gangsta" culture.
2: originally meant to mean being true to oneself and representing oneself in an authentic manner
Wrong use: NOT Keepin' it real
Interviewer- So why did you shoot and murder your brother?
Jailed "Gangsta"- That nigga was all up on me trying to tell me to get a job and that sellin drugs ain't right. My homies said he talked to much and I needed to shut him up. I did what I had to do to keep it real.

Right Use: Keepin' it real
Person going in for a job interview: I don't know. What if I don't get the job? What if they don't like me? What should I say?
Friend: Calm down yo. Just keep it real. You got this.
by jajajeniper November 29, 2007
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Defined by Chris Rocks as someone who does not want to better themselves through education. "Yo, are you going to school bro?", "No, I'm keepin' it real". To which Chris Rock replies "yeah, Real Stupid!".
"Did you graduate high school"?

Naw man, I'm keepin' it real!
by Randy Smith September 24, 2007
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A phrase coined in the black community that has devolved from behaving with a sense of maturity, integrity, and pride to just acting ignorant and combative at any given time.
Guy 1: "Ey yo son, that cracker gave me a funny look so I punched him in his face."

Guy 2: "But wasn't he interviewing you for a job?"

Guy 1: "Yeaa but I didn't like the way he was lookin me, so I did somethin about it. Keepin it real, son!!!

Guy 2: "Yeah, keepin it real dumb."
by pops87 March 26, 2010
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1. To be yourself.
2. To be honest with others about your ideas and feelings, regardless of how it may be taken or perceived.
1.Caucasians defining terms that aren't in their cultural vernacular, or realm of understanding, as a way to demean members of another culture or group is a sign of being a racist ass-hat...and that's just "Keepin' it real".
by Keypinitreel May 20, 2009
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A philosophy and identity concept that arouse in hip-hop culture, and followed primarily by African-Americans.

"keepin' it real" is an expression of living only for instant gratification and lack of desire for more. Only the most basic animalistic tendancies are to be acted apon. Lust and anger are the primary emotions. Drinking alcohol and smoking weed are the main hobbies.

Recieving welfare while working as a criminal is one of the few ways to make money while being "real". The other are playing sports such as basketball and football, or working in the entertainment industry.

Jail time is status quo to the point that having never been to jail is mark of weakness in the eyes of those embracing this concept.

The only thing that changes with any certainty is the slang.
Behavior Example:
Showing up to a job interview in baggy ripped pants and a XXXL basketball jersey then complaining the reason he were not hired is discrimination.

PersonA: "So are you planning on graduating from high school and attending college?"

BrainwashedYouth: "Hell na, I ain't going to no mafuckin school n shit, I'm keepin' it real!"

BrainwashedYouth: "yo nigga whur u be goin?!?"
AfricanAmericanHonorStudent: "Going to class, I have a test in Trigonomery."
BrainwashedYouth: "yo wut u talkin 'bout mufucka? u sposed to be some mufuckin white boy?!?! yo lets mob dis foo!"
*HonorStudent beaten and/or shot*

(An African-American man and woman on a first date):

EducatedAfricanAmericanMan: "I have an MBA, own my own home, and have never been to jail."

BrainwashedAfricanAmericanWoman: "Sheet nigga u cant be
my soulja! U aint even really black! I be needin me a man dats keepin' it real!"

by NinjaGuy October 28, 2006
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To reach the boundaries of over-reacting, while maintaining sensibility. "Keepin' it real" should only be brought into action when something personal is being attacked, such as one's manhood, one's mother, one's moral code, etc.

Violence is necessary.
Guy : Bitch, what'd you just say to me?
Woman : I said your mother is an ersatz Harriet Jacobs.
Guy : Bitch, I told you to shut your wiki-educated mouth. I'm keepin' it real 24-7.
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