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A philosophy and identity concept that arouse in hip-hop culture, and followed primarily by African-Americans.

"keepin' it real" is an expression of living only for instant gratification and lack of desire for more. Only the most basic animalistic tendancies are to be acted apon. Lust and anger are the primary emotions. Drinking alcohol and smoking weed are the main hobbies.

Recieving welfare while working as a criminal is one of the few ways to make money while being "real". The other are playing sports such as basketball and football, or working in the entertainment industry.

Jail time is status quo to the point that having never been to jail is mark of weakness in the eyes of those embracing this concept.

The only thing that changes with any certainty is the slang.
Behavior Example:
Showing up to a job interview in baggy ripped pants and a XXXL basketball jersey then complaining the reason he were not hired is discrimination.

PersonA: "So are you planning on graduating from high school and attending college?"

BrainwashedYouth: "Hell na, I ain't going to no mafuckin school n shit, I'm keepin' it real!"

BrainwashedYouth: "yo nigga whur u be goin?!?"
AfricanAmericanHonorStudent: "Going to class, I have a test in Trigonomery."
BrainwashedYouth: "yo wut u talkin 'bout mufucka? u sposed to be some mufuckin white boy?!?! yo lets mob dis foo!"
*HonorStudent beaten and/or shot*

(An African-American man and woman on a first date):

EducatedAfricanAmericanMan: "I have an MBA, own my own home, and have never been to jail."

BrainwashedAfricanAmericanWoman: "Sheet nigga u cant be
my soulja! U aint even really black! I be needin me a man dats keepin' it real!"

by NinjaGuy October 28, 2006

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