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sexual intercourse with a deceased person of Turkish origin.
Billy hadn't realized he was late for supper as he was too busy kebabing Adiguzel, his dear friend, who had recently passed away.
by MyMiddleEasternLament December 06, 2009
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A man gets a super-hard erection, and wears a condom and lubes it up, so that its slippery to the touch.

A woman then sits on the cock, and spins around with her knee's tucked into her chest.
I got this bitch into my room last night, and we had a great kebab.

Kebabing is well fun mate, you should try it.
by Julio Von Janitor August 07, 2007
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1. verb. Agressive oral sex, usually involving multuple women and one man. where the man stacks the women on his penis "like a kebab" (if possible ramming he penis completely through the skull of one woman and into the mouh f the next womam)
Person A: Where has steve gone?
Person B: I saw him walk off with two girls, he is probably kebabing them right now
Person A: Sick!
by bigTJ January 23, 2011
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