\ kē- at \
abnormally short, asian, and cute.
wow! that asian girl is very short, asian, and cute. she’s so keat!
by Isaac's definitions May 22, 2020
KEAT is a man that's lived a hard life & is still a mad cunt! His full of wisdom even though he knocks back beers daily. He is a cherished friend and father. A man that has nine lives, his almost died many times but still manages to pull through & make life his bitch!
You drink Tooheys New, your such a KEAT.
by Halllleeee August 9, 2017
contemporary word for gay, fag, homosexual etc.; to be used in both the literal and figurative sense
Corey: Did you hear about that kid who joined choir.
Alec: Ya, what a fucking Keat

by David Anthony Berg the third January 20, 2009
1) To roughhouse or destroy. 2) To apply excess force (Usually causing expensive repercussions).
Don't keats that. I just bought it. You keatsed my computer, now the cd drive is jammed !!!
by zac attach April 18, 2008
n; A beautiful stranger, in her mid-twenties usually with reddish hair and green eyes.
She meets men at clubs and parties and they instantly fall for her, but after a few hours of talking they turn around and shes gone - just before they could get her number. No one the man asks can tell him who she was. The only thing left of her is the smell of her perfume.
Some say there is only one Keating, and she travels throughout social gatherings across the world to give hope in love to down-trodden men.
I met the most wonderful girl in the world last night.
Nice, you gonna see her again?
Can't, she turned out to be a Keating.
by heynow.. January 21, 2010
verb; For one to keat is to spontaneously jump up in front of a group of people who has absolutely no respect for you, and then to attempt to dance the cancan.
Sergeant Tiang: Last night at Air Cadets, I tried to motivate my flight by dancing, but all I ended up doing was keating!
by Ian Peebles October 6, 2006
adjective; the superlative form of describing the utmost homosexuality.
Kenneth: You are gay!
Vincent: You're gayer!
Jacob: You are KEAT.
by Acobjei Eelei October 8, 2006