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She is my best friend.She will be there for you no matter what.She makes me laugh when I'm having a terrible day.Who ever has a Kaytlyn as a friend or a girlfriend NEVER LET HER GO!!She's the cutest girl you will ever find in the whole world!She's one of the best fighters you will ever know.NEVER LET HER GO!!!
BFF:Do you know Kaytlyn?

Friend: No why?

BFF:Get to know her she's the best!!
by Kelsey is awesome April 01, 2017
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The most awesume girl in the world. She is so great and nice to people so you need to treat any one named kaytlyn better!
Hey kaytlyn lookin good.(thanks!)
by kaytlyn April 11, 2008
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Someone that’s been through a lot of hardship but is genuinely a nice and caring person. She is usually very understanding. Sometimes it seems she cares about people she loves so much she forgets about herself.
Wow Kaytlyn is honestly amazing
by JakeTalex February 07, 2018
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A whore skank and a bitch who backstabs there friends and goes out with anything that moves breaths or walks.
M: she's such a backstabbing whore
H: she must be a Kaytlyn
by Kaytlynsucks May 19, 2013
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Has something wrong. No friends and has to pay to get a boyfriend. Makes accounts and likes her own posts. Is bad at stuff.
Wow she’s so stupid. She must be named Kaytlyn
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A generally sucky person. Doesn’t have many friends. But is funny. Has to pay to get a boyfriend.
Made for a friend lmao

Wow she’s such a jerk her name must be Kaytlyn.
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