A straight way to say fabulous and extraordinary; closely related to the English word awesome and the Italian awesumo.
Guy A : Yo, son, that was fabulous.
Guy B : Dude, that's gay; it was awesume!
by Awesumness January 26, 2007
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An action, event, or work that, in it's totality, elicits the facial or emotional response of "awe" from the viewer.
Astonishment at the grandiosity or quality of the entity, not "aw" at it's cute face.
A compliment.

This version of the spelling avoids confusion by learners of the language one might encounter when considering the juxtaposition of "awesome," or "awe at something."
by KarmaLog July 17, 2018
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a very unique word used by Demetri Martin in his ComedyCenteral special. It means crazy and awesome put together.
Pillow Fights:
man vs woman=FUN
man vs man=GAY
woman vs woman=AWESOME
pillow vs pillow= KRAYZEE-AWESUM
by N.S.Lo May 04, 2007
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