A beautiful girl and often doesn’t think it. Usually blonde or brunette with sparkly eyes. Kaytlin always wants to be better than her normal self even though her “normal self” is fucken banging! Boys fall in love with her face and then her ass because wholey it is pumped. Never lose kaytlin because she always tries her best to look after you even if she fails sometimes, but she needs the support too.
That kaytlins chick yeah she’s a star!
by iloveyoug April 16, 2018
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Kaytlin is funny smart and a wonderful girl to be around. Her laugh is the cutest and she always try’s to make people happy. Kaytlin can be shy at times but when you get to know her she can be the life of a party

Kaytlin has the nicest smile and sparkling eyes she will do anything for that one boy she likes.
Kaytlin is my girl
by Calkay April 21, 2019
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Kaytlin is always a beautiful. Smart. Funny. And sexy girl. She is sweet to her man and would do the world for him. She is always looking good no matter what she is wearing. She is one who stands out above the rest.
Kaytlin is my girl
by kaytlins man October 23, 2015
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A beautiful girl. Usually doubts herself a lot and has a lot of insecurities. Puts to much trust into some people. When a kaytlin does trust you, you better not hurt her cause they will get you back in the worse way. Most Kaytlin's are kinda tall with the bluest of angle eyes. Loves to watch football games and only turns sexual with people they love. A kaytlin is either really girly or really country, there is no in between. When a kaytlin is in love, she falls hard for the wrong people.
Brandon:"hey kaytlin, you look beautiful today."
Kaytlin:"thanks but I'm not beautiful."
by Theselfesteemm August 14, 2017
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Beautiful, talented, someone who can sing like an angel and look like one too, can be gentle and flip to sexual, has a beautiful bright smile and pretty eyes. Dark black hair and soft lips. Along with amazing chest and ass(; and an amazing and faithful girlfriend
"Dude you know Marilyn Monroe?"

"Yeah she's almost as perfect as Kaytlin Lashelle"
by Marilyn's James Dean December 11, 2013
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Smart, hot, with awesome taste in music! Usually a brunette or blonde, Kaytlins are often short with big ass tits. Fucking funny too! They know how to throw a punch and can hang and fit in with the guys. Kaytlins may be sexy but they often have flaws like being a fucking klutz, having a lisp, acting like a blonde all the fucking time, dating douches, or taking their sexiness to the next level and becoming sluts. Kaytlins often have funny "lingo" too like making up their own words, finding new ways to say whats up, etc. Loves sports like football, baseball, basketball, and volleyball.

-Kaytlins may give guys boners and/or suck you in with their smokin' bod/personality.
-Kaytlins also may leave you trapped in the "friend zone"
Guy 1: Have you seen that one chick Kaytlin lately?
Guy 2: Yeah man. She's my hot best friend!
by Fuck'emAll April 5, 2011
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Unique way of the average spelling "Caitlin"
Is Gaelic and associated with Kathleen.
Varying meanings: pure, joy, innocent, or fair beautiful one.

Kaytlin is the name of goodlooking females.
Hot blondes usually, with tiny wastes but the ass of a black women, they have no trouble attracting men by the dozens, daily.
Tends to change her look alot, but rocks every hair style, clothing style, and makeup style.
A real life barbie, but a down to earth boy at heart!
Guy #1 - "Man I saw Kaytlin downtown lastnight. She is so hot, like she keeps getting more and more hot everytime I see her."

Guy #2 - "I know bro."
by iphone4 February 18, 2011
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