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She's every guys dream girl. She's truly amazing. Her beauty surpasses any other girl's. You could compare her to a peaceful evening sunset. She's like an angel, she'e kind and has a heart of gold. She's down to Earth and has a great personality. Just to know her and be able to talk to her is a blessing in itself. If you're lucky enough to get to know her, don't let her go.
There's Kaysi! Wow I wish I could be her boyfriend!
by Swag_On_You September 08, 2013
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Don’t be fooled by her actions. She seems to be very outgoing however tends to hide her feeling deep down, and suffers alone. She is every guys dream girl and puts everyone before herself. Hates to see other people suffer and would do anything to keep her friends and family smiling. She lacks confidence and doesn’t like to speak up about her emotions, believes she is a burden and is only getting in other peoples way. Thinks she isn’t good enough for anyone and struggles to trust people around her. She is beautiful and has a heart of gold. Speaks her mind and is very down to earth. Feel very lucky to know her as a person she doesn’t get close to many people. You are safe until you get on her bad side she holds grudges and doesn’t believe in second chances. If you get to know her, don’t let her go!
I’m so lucky to have Kaysi as a friend.
by Juniepatunie July 21, 2018
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