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a tern used to describe someone who is both amazingly beautiful and wonderfully talented, also with a personality fit for an angel. These are however extremely rare, having only come across one in my entire life, and should you happen upon one i strongly advise you to take good care of it and give it lots of love and attention and it will bloom into a beautiful young creature and a credit to you and humanity.
by March 11, 2004
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a species gradually becoming more popular, the true nar dan wears his 'original' style cap (which just happens to be exactly the same one as worn by his ten plus associates) on the top of his head and is easily recognised from a distance from the walk which suggests that one leg is shorter than the other, he wears his addidas trousers tucked into his socks and is commonly seen in the trainers 'air force ones', coomonly found 'hangin'round the streets in large groups laughing and groping the group whore, and accusing passers by of 'calling their mum'
yo u scut, ya callin ma mum?
by March 11, 2004
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