Wants to be a stripper
I want to be a stripper like kaya
by I'd call January 3, 2017
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She is nice and will act like your best friend . U got to love her
by Kkmmdd May 29, 2019
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Kaya is an amazing person, she is always there when you need her and extremely honest. Even tho Kaya is amazing she has a temper, just make sure to keep on her good side! (That goes to you Miranda)
Kaya is awesome
by Kayaaaaaaaaa May 27, 2019
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Weird. Very Weird. So Weird I Might Cry. I'm Crying Now. Me Sad. Oh My.
Look at KAYA! She's so weird... She gonna make me cry.
by Bert Za Broccoli November 20, 2018
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Kaya is a sweet girl who absolutely loves candy. She is ultra supportive of all of her friends and is always willing to hug someone when they’re down. She doesn’t always recognise her beauty on the inside and outside but everyone can accept that she really is the most gorgina girl of all time.
person 1: i haven’t been feeling too good recently
person 2: go talk to kaya, she’ll help you out
by The Dusty One November 5, 2019
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Kaya is a lover of both Katie hill and all Turks. The first words he learned were Katie hill and Turks. If he could he would cuddle up next to a lot of Turks and be their friends.
Kaya thinks Turks are cool
by Kaya Turk 69 October 12, 2018
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Kaya’s are tricky. They aren’t the most attractive and don’t have the best personality but they are pretty fun at parties. If you ever need someone to get fucked up with, grab a Kaya. A lot of times, Kaya’s enjoy jumping from guy to guy but don’t see a problem with it. They are commonly a little bigger but have pretty eyes. Some people might choose nicknames for them like “Kayak” but Kaya’s will get very mad and they also never hesitate to start (and finish) a fight. They love to sing, even though they aren’t very good. Honestly, it’s difficult if you should have a Kaya in your life but if you find one, don’t get on their bad side at least.
Snobby bitch: “Who’s the big girl over there playing beer pong?”

Stoner dude: “Oh that’s Kayak *hahahaha*”

Drunk guy: “dude she’ll beat the fuck outta you if she here’s that!”
Hot chick: “that’s my bitch! She’s Kaya.”
by hotassfuckboy March 9, 2019
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