Native origin meaning ‘beauty’

Unisex name

Pronounced similar to “Kay-yah” or K-yah

( not like the actress from maze runner or skins, that’s more the western pronunciation)

Ps. Will probably spend majority of their school life and work life correcting teacher’s and people’s pronunciation, and will probably give up and decide to go by a nickname or the their middle name
Person: so Kayla…..
Kaya: um it’s actually pronounced kaya
Person: isn’t that what I said

Kaya: no you said Kayla, it pronounced ‘kay-yah’
Person: Kaiya?

Kaya: you know what just call me k or by my middle name grace
by Afellowunusualname November 22, 2021
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really stupid and disabled human being, sometimes used as a reference to 'batty man'
your being such a kaya
by johnny number 5 December 3, 2022
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Kaya is the most amazing best friend and girl friend one could ever ask for. She is beautiful, funny, kind, and talented even when she doesn’t see it. She is an over all wonderful person who deserves the world :)
The one over there in the bright sweater! That’s Kaya.
by Ani Bannani January 31, 2022
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Ganja, Kush, Weed; Slang for Cannabis joint.
Song : Bob Marley - Kaya

...Wake up and turn I loose
For the rain is falling

Got to have kaya now
Got to have kaya now
Got to have kaya now

For the rain is falling

I'm so high, I even touch the sky
Above the falling rain
I feel so good in my neighbourhood
by C. Kermit May 26, 2021
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Kaya is a beautiful name given to the most beautiful soul. The name means many different things: rock/cliff, tree, pure/clean , rest, ability/capability - leopard, good, beautiful, food, strong/firm, restful place, aura, rich/wealthy, forgiveness, appearance/form, happiness/rejoice and elder sister/wise child. She loves and loves until she can’t love anymore. She is often compared to a fairy or a witch. She is a sweet girl and a sensitive soul. everything will work out for her one day.
by sweetmary June 3, 2023
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