This shit is delicious alright? It's the best thing you'll every find at your local coffee shop.
And if you're a sick fuck like me, dip them in the soft boiled eggs like a mad man.
Person 1 : "Wanna get some kaya toast and milo?"
Person: 2 : 'Yeah bro"
by KennyDraws May 21, 2021
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A way to decide if a game reviewer actually takes time to play the game/plays the game they are reviewing. Here's an example:

1. Take the game called Shadow of War, it was a pretty famous triple A game but there was a lot of controversy surrounding it because of its microtransactions. Big reviewers that don't really care about gaming and don't review gamers properly (like Jim Sterling and Paragon) said the game was pay to win, even though it wasn't.

2. Find a reviewer you'd like to know if they are legit.

3. Watch their Shadow of War review

4. What did they say about the micro-transactions? In this example, you know that shadow of war isn't pay to win.

5. If they said it is pay to win, they obviously don't actually pay much attention to the game/ they never played the game and just copy and paste mix what other reviewers have said.

This is an easy and quick way to know if a reviewer is legit. It works with any game and any part or controversy surrounding it, the only two rules are:

1. This only works if you have played the game you're using this technique with and know what is wrong and what it is right.

2. The wrong side is the more famous and believed side by the community.
1: Hey, I found this new youtube channel called Jim Sterling, he is fucking amazing at reviewing games.

2: Dude, have you even tried The Kaya-Technique? He said that Battlefront 2 still is pay to win even though they removed microtransactions a while ago.
by mystique777 May 27, 2018
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