The only girl you will meet that will care about you like she's your best friend.She is beautiful.and lovable
You act like Kaya.
by Kkmmdd May 29, 2019
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Kaya, the most beautiful girl anyone could ever ask for, dead, alive, friend, or sibling. She would never let anything happen to you and will always be there for you.
by Cstall03 October 11, 2019
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Kaya is the Turkish word for "rock" and is a common given/last name for males, symbolizing strength. It can be thought as a translation of Petrus, Pierre, Peter in western languages or Shimon in Hebrew.
New friend: Kaya, you know what your name means in Jamaica? There's even a song about it...
Kaya: Really, I have no idea, but it means 'rock' in Turkish.
New friend: A rock song?
Kaya: Not a song really, a very large stone.
New friend: You really had some 'kaya' from Jamaica...
by DavidStein June 10, 2009
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Kaya is the perfect person. She will always be able to make you smile even in your darkest days. She is smart and beautiful and your best friends. She is everything you could ever ask for and you would be lcuky to have a Kaya in your life!
Jessica is just like a Kaya
by Lockinlove June 8, 2018
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No one has used Kaya as a boy's name,which it can be. Kaya Is very attractive and Very muscular. He is talented and probably plays an instrument and multiple sports. He usually has,dark in color but bright, brown eyes and brown hair. He probably has siblings. All of the girls like him but only one holds his heart. He may have many girlfriends in his life but,again,only one girl has his heart and he will always end up wanting her. Kaya is also very smart,even if he doesn't know it. So smart he often gets board and fool around. He also has this humor. A humor that can make anyone laugh,harder than they ever have,and smile,bigger than they ever have. You DEFINITELY want to know a Kaya.
Girl 1.I saw you went out on a date last night.
Girl 2.Yeah i did it was great.
Girl 1.He was so hot. What's his name?
Girl 2.Kaya
Girl 1.Makes since
by 1inlove April 7, 2018
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Kaya is gonna kick Urban Dictionary’s Ass.
Urban Dictionary: *insert whore activity here*

Kaya: *goes Kaya mode for all the Jadens and Kayas alike*
by WeedHours November 1, 2019
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Wants to be a stripper
I want to be a stripper like kaya
by I'd call January 3, 2017
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