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An all around perfect person. To fantastic for words. Having Come across a Kaya, don't let it go. It will be the worst thing youve ever done in your life. Will always bring a smile to your face and will make you fall in love immediately. Kaya is often people's favourite person because of their sheer greatness and mental strength. Always hold onto a Kaya.
Boy: Hey, I just met a girl named Kaya.
Boy2: Oh my god, no way. You have to be joking right?
Boy: No! She's so amazing!
Boy2: I'm so jealous! She sounds so cool
by Scotteh March 18, 2016
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A pre-pubescent player of online video games who uses the voice chat functions much to the dismay of older players. Named so because of the relation between the high-pitched squeal of their voice and their balls having not yet dropped, implying that their balls are so high that they are in fact situated upon their chin.

The term originally appeared within the Cybergamer Xbox community, however has spread into the vocabulary of many online gamers.
ahh man I hate playing with that shockz chin, his voice makes me want to hack my ears off and stick a pitchfork through my eardrum.
by Scotteh October 19, 2012
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