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An amazing, witty, talented girl who you are extremely lucky to have as a friend. She knows a ton of people, but only has about 3 amazing best friends. She loves them all to death, and they love her too. She never thinks she is better than anyone else, but never thinks badly of herself. She is also very intelligent, most likely in gate. She believes that everyone deserves to be loved. Everyone wants to be her friend, and the few that are know how blessed they are to have her in their lives.
I wish I could be friends with kaya she’s so funny, pretty, and smart.
by Anonymous_user_ December 9, 2017
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Kaya is an extremely diligent and intriguing girl. She's subtlety mysterious, responsible, and grasps everyone attention with the single look in the eye. Everyone knows her and loves her. Yet, she never lets this get to her head. She's modest, but also radiates confidence. She spreads positivity and paints a smile on everyone's face every day. She cares for others and is extremely easy to get along with. Kaya, meaning "wise child, forgiveness, and restful place," perfectly fulfills each and every letter spoken of that.
I want to be friends with kaya
by Anonymous_user_ June 14, 2018
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