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Katheryn's are very beautiful, smart, and very caring. She may seem shy at first but once you get to know her she's weird and random but very funny and someone you can relate to. She's a chill person to talk to and an amazing friend. Sometimes she can be rough and not care at times, but she does care and intentions are to never hurt anyone, and also doesn't give a fuck at times. She's loyal and is cool with everyone but only hangs out with certain people.
Katheryn is really hottt and an amazing friend. She honestly deserves the world :)) I luvv her
by antisocial.asf September 17, 2018
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Katheryn are beautiful girls that are worth having in your life. they are funny, random, intelligent, and fabulous. if you ever meet a katheryn in your life buy her flowers treat her like a queen cause she deserves it. katheryn's may act dumb at times but it not annoying it pretty funny and most times really cute. Katheryn can also make some of the cutest and funniest face expressions you could ever see
by BBBIGBOND March 13, 2013
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Katheryn's are usually one of the most awesome people you will ever meet, think of the most awesome person you know, times that by 222 and that's how awesome Katheryn's are. Katheryn's are smart, beautiful and seedyyy. Dont be fooled they may act stupid and say stupid stuff but really they are awesome. No one can compare to the bubbly personality of a Katheryn.
Girl 1: Wow Katheryn, your so awesome
Katheryn: Oh ive heard that before ;)
by immogennnnyyyyy October 07, 2010
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The baddest bitch you will ever meet she has a fat ass and she beautiful from top to bottom. She will keep it 100 with u no string attached. And she’s a super fun person to hang with she super chill and just the baddest bitch everrrrr. If she likes you, you better snatch her up because she is a one of a kind girl with a great personality and she’s very picky about her boys and also if she likes you it would be dumb not to ask her out because she has a lot of boys wanting her but she declines them for you.
Damn Katheryn wifey material 😍
by BBOD (bad bitches on deck) November 16, 2018
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a very curvy blonde with a nice butt and a great rack.loves to be different and is always funny. she'll play it dumb but very smart. everyone's jealous because shes so beautiful, but watch out, katheryns are crazy,loud, social butterflies!
guy 1: "so i heard you partied with a chick?"
guy 2: "yeah she was a total katheryn!"
by Bearhug123 January 19, 2012
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A girl that wants to be a hippy and is quite attractive.
That katheryn girl was rocking some mad hippie glasses today, and did you see that headband?
by gneheid October 31, 2008
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