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The baddest bitch you will ever meet she has a fat ass and she beautiful from top to bottom. She will keep it 100 with u no string attached. And she’s a super fun person to hang with she super chill and just the baddest bitch everrrrr. If she likes you, you better snatch her up because she is a one of a kind girl with a great personality and she’s very picky about her boys and also if she likes you it would be dumb not to ask her out because she has a lot of boys wanting her but she declines them for you.
Damn Katheryn wifey material 😍
by BBOD (bad bitches on deck) November 16, 2018

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Don’t care gang
Someone can just be like “ DCG GANG YUHURD” and it means don’t care gang so overall DCG means don’t care gang which means you don’t Gaf. *note to self* only the hoodest realist and baddest bitches say DCG
by BBOD (bad bitches on deck) April 18, 2019

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You: got yayas?
Me: sure i got 2
by BBOD (bad bitches on deck) November 07, 2019

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