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Katheryn's are usually one of the most awesome people you will ever meet, think of the most awesome person you know, times that by 222 and that's how awesome Katheryn's are. Katheryn's are smart, beautiful and seedyyy. Dont be fooled they may act stupid and say stupid stuff but really they are awesome. No one can compare to the bubbly personality of a Katheryn.
Girl 1: Wow Katheryn, your so awesome
Katheryn: Oh ive heard that before ;)
by immogennnnyyyyy October 07, 2010

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Imogen is nearly as awesome as the Katheryn's, they are also very beautiful, kind and selfless but most of all a massive SEED but they always mean well. They can also be very weird, but whatever they do is usually hilarious. They are so so cutteee and they always have boys coming after themmm. Most of them are loud and never stop talking, which dont get me wrong, is a good thing. Most Imogen's dont tollerate bullshit, so watchout 66%
Girl 1: Imogen, why are you eating that flower?
Imogen: It's yummy, see it has honey in it!!
by immogennnnyyyyy October 07, 2010

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A surfing term used to describe a perfectly sculpted barrel
Surfer 01: "Man, check out curver!!"
Surfer 02: "Dude, I live for that white magic!!"
by immogennnnyyyyy May 22, 2018

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