An endearing term often used by a man/woman when talking to a girl they are in a relationship with or care deeply about...
"I love you"
"I love you too my princess"
by cease.holly August 8, 2017
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Part 1. My Princess is the Most amazing girl in the universe and that is to say the least. she is kind, smart, goofy, pretty, cute, adorable but above all that she is absolutely beyond perfect, she won't believe you when you tell her but part of you knows it makes her happy. she is shy at first but once you get to know her a whole new side opens up that will leave you in awe. when you talk to her your heart melts and your chest gets all fuzzy. when she sends you pictures rarely of herself nothing makes sense in the world because you get to see such a beautiful girl, even if she doesn't believe it>: / when she says I love you everything else in the world melts away but her and she is the only person who makes you love her more than anything else. when she laughs it brings an instant smile to your face because knowing she is happy is one of the best feelings you could have. My Princess also has big dick energy and balls that drag 7 miles behind her that's how big they are. also loves to hear you moan. she will make you get jealous when anyone else talks to her or has her attention and you only want her, you need her. she is someone that you didn't know you could live without until you got to know her and once you do she will become your everything
My Princess Is my everything and she will forever have my Love, support, heart, and moans.
by Khaos kittens July 27, 2022
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Gamer talk for "save my progress"
This next guy is really tough, I should shave my princess before I fight him.
by Patchan November 29, 2010
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Do to most males calling objects female. This term referring to a Japanese made vehicle’s. Also the male version of prince can be used as well.
Female reference to a car.
“This is my Japanese princess a Subaru Outback”.

Male reference to car or truck.
“This is my Japanese prince a Nissan Frontier”.
by Hankscolts February 23, 2022
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Part 2. she will be yours and you'll always be hers no matter what. amazing doesn't begin to describe who she is but you have to make sure she knows it. My princess has been wronged in the past so many times and she deserves everything the universe has to offer, you know you don't deserve her but you do everything you can to make sure she knows you love her. she gives love meaning again and if you have her make sure she knows how much you love her and that you will never let her go nor leave her, you swear on your life and you take that to your grave and beyond because she is beyond perfect. I Love you my Princess I am never going anywhere I will always be yours, Because you are my Forever & Always. you'll know who you are when you read this and I can't wait to Hug you.
My Princess Will always make me happy cum
by Khaos kittens July 27, 2022
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