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Katey: Where do I even start, well let’s start with I wouldn’t be me if it wasn’t for her. I have never loved before. Hoping this will be my only love. Will do anything in my power to make this my only love. Having Katey in my life is the best thing to ever happen without a doubt. Her hair is therapy to my heart, I find safety in her smile. I feel warmth in her skin. I look into her eyes I see the galaxy in twine with her perfectness. Every curve of her body is a new story labeled perfect. Every inch is like a thousand new kilometres to discover. From her toe nails to her hair follicles is perfect. My love for Katey cannot be put into words i’m trying my best. We are having some problems but who said they wouldn’t fix. Yes we have disagreements yes we have arguments. But I couldn’t be more committed to anything in my life than what I am to you. I adore you and there’s nothing I would change about you. Katey when your reading this please don’t cry, just know you are my princess. i’d give my heart away to let yours beat 1 more. i’d do anything in my power to keep you happy. I want a family with you. So please Katey accept the fact your my soulmate and please let us recreate the world together.

I love you <3
Forever and always <3
p1 . Katey is perfect

p2 . I know bro
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by Awep May 07, 2020

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