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A word that can be used as a noun, or an adjective. Given to individuals of extreme broticity, and of the utmost awesome. This individual tends to be a dick, or even a douchebag with no regard for the emotions of individuals. It is also important to know that a true "Ferrell" can never be a woman, seeing as how their expertise is limited in the kitchen, the bedroom, and again, the kitchen.
1. Whoa, check out Ferrell!
2. That guy is such a Ferrell!
3. Ferrell has such a long schlong!
by Beastaclops April 12, 2011
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a total loser or fag or idiot all rolled in to one, who chronically does or says stupid things that make no sense.
Your a fuckin Ferrell
by smmoore March 31, 2013
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The word created to describe the behaviour foul ass people whose parents dropped them on their heads as infants. Some examples of ferrell behaviours are:

- dabbing
- mentioning fidget spinners
- lighting flares at football matches
- watching minecraft letsplay youtubers
- eating shit
- supporting melbourne victory
- generally being a wankstain
"oh jarrod did ya see that group of ferrell melbourne victory supporters over in that stand?"
" oh yeah bazza absolutely f*cking ferrell shits they are."
" fully disgusting c*nts"
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by doggo on lsd July 02, 2018
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