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A girl who can either be your worst enemy, your greatest friend, or the best partner. She'll have bad times, and she may be insecure, but she has a strong wall built up for herself that just needs to be broken down before you can get to her soft and wonderful personality. More than likely extremely beautiful, and she's a little ice-cube. Her body is cold most of the time but it's a comforting chill, making them really great cuddlers. Definitely a keeper and worth chasing after.
Matt: I think I may love Katelynn.
Ben: Oh? Why's that?
Matt: She's got everything going on for her and even more. She just keeps my heart in a good place.
Ben: Sounds like she's a keeper man.
by MattyBoy April 02, 2013
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Very happy. A pig in shit would be a happy pig, so we are even happier.
Interviewer: How do you feel having scored the winning goal?
Sport guy: Happier than a pig in shit.
by mattyboy May 16, 2004
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