The notorious gang of rookie rappers from the movie 8 Mile. Free World, or "The Free world rookies" as B Rabbit refers to them as, consists of the leader Poppa Doc, Lotto , Lickity Split , Wink and 2 other members who are never really introduced throughout the entire movie. They just sort of stand alongside and never take part or say anything. Dispite the cheap efforts of Free World, when it comes down to the end, B Rabbit madly slaughters Free World with a crazy rap battle, defeating all 3 of the rappers who were thrown at him.
These leadaz of the Free World Rookies, Lookie, how can six dicks be pussies?!!

Fuck tha Free World, 313!
by Risown November 11, 2008
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Free World is an imaginary place where you can say whatever you want and protections to people's rights actually mean something.
Example #1:

Gretchen: My little Johnny said damn during school, they kicked him out, I took them to court, and lost. Where are Johnny's 1st Amendment Rights?

Jill: He has no rights. They have POLICIES. This isn't a Free World you know.

Example #2:

Mike: I smoked weed with Dale for over 10 years, but one day he got busted, and decided "not getting prison time" was more important than our friendship, so they gave me prison time instead. Now I can't own a gun to hunt with?

Jeff: This isn't a Free World you know.
by Pony Battles November 25, 2019
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1: Anywhere outside the prison walls, freedom from prison.
1: Tony's release date from prison is next week,
and when he is back in the Free World he is gonna get
some real pussy.
2: Jennifer has been grounded for a month, and when
back to the Free World, she is going to the mall.
by v83image December 30, 2005
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Term derived from the diverse lifestyle of the Black LGBT community, standing for individuals who practice same sex acts such as, male on male action or female on female action.
There are many people out here in the FREE World. You just can never tell who they are.
by Andre T./ Dareous D. September 10, 2008
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A motto from the movie "8 Mile". In the movie, rapper Eminem's character Jimmy B-Rabbit often said this motto in rebellion against rival rap group Leaders of the Free World.
From "8 Mile":
Future: "Man, fuck the free world..."
Cheddar Bob: "Yeah, fuck the Free World!"
by kPOTt July 13, 2012
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A group of free minded people that started a group called the Free World Society, they believe that the world should be truthfully free and people should do what ever they want, but the organization is very small and is slowly building. some believe that this society is going for World Domination.
Speaker: now i believe that the world should be truthfully free and people should be able to express what they believe should be known

Asker: Sir is there some type of group or Organization for this Free world act.

Speaker: Yes... Yes there is, it is called the Free World Society .
by Believer777 October 2, 2012
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