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Dillan is an amazing boy!! Hes soo hot wicked sexy a small hunk! Sometimes known as a player but only the right girl for him can turn him around. And when dillan finds that girl just know dont let her go cuz there will never be another one like her. Dillan is a funny guy. Athletic and is in shape. He has a sexy body and hes super nice! When you really get to know him you fall in love with him! Hes a great adorable cute loving guy.
Becca: omg whos that??
Carly: The one and only Dillan!!

Becca: wow talk about i cutie
Carly: ikr i just wanna like run over and hug his adorable face
Becca: ik! Hes like a small hot baby
Carly: yeah, weird but sexy
Becca: that boy got swag and hottness
Carly: talk about it, well sorry but hes mine BITCH
Becca: no way i want him!
Carly: it sucks to suck
by El chugatrick July 21, 2012
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a sexy, perfect guy with a huge dick that will make you scream "ooh baby"!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"oohbaby" give me more dillan!!!
by sexy baybay September 20, 2008
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confused white boy who thinks he is black. also known as wigga
me- "but if you wish you were another race, more power to ya."

dillan- "i dont wish i was another race, i know im black."
by Dillan wayne stevens January 13, 2009
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a term commonly used by university students meaning:

1. dill pickle powder
2. dill pickle chips
We survived exam time on the dillans diet.
by MAC_mom August 07, 2009
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a notorious window licker that loves riding dirty with his pals, also known for wearing a helmet to aid his window licking.
me- "i cant believe how dirty my windows are. This is sooooo annoying"

dillan- "dont worry dude, me and my pals will come down and i'll lick it clean for ya"
by Rambostillskin September 23, 2016
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He is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet he can be very shy at first but once you get to know him he can be the craziest person you know you would be so lucky to have a friend like him he is most likely gay Most Dillans are born in October near the end there most likely a Scorpio
I love Dillan he is one of my closest friends
by Sunshinehero May 19, 2019
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