A tiny ball of alien origin. By rolling over objects smaller then it, they instantly stick to the ball and make it bigger. The bigger it gets, the larger the objects that can stick to it. When it reaches a preset size, it is launched into space and turns into a star. Used in the Japanese video game 'Katamari Damacy'.
Let's make a bigger, more super-nice Katamari.

-King of All Cosmos
by k00ld00d321 December 30, 2005
Giant rolling ever-expanding ball of crap that nobody ever notices, until it rolls them up. Has caused downfall of entire civilizations.

Comes from game Katamari Damacy, conceived by someone who was obviously taking many hallucinogenic substances. See also acid.
"Holy crap, that Katamari just rolled over Jimmy!"

by Shinji of the Leftist Grocery October 14, 2004
The thing that dreams are made of...
If you stand in the way of the Katamari it will become bigger and more powerful than anyone could possibly imagine...
by Theholydiver February 23, 2008
A midget has a sex with a very fat woman, while singing the Katamari theme, preferably through tears.
I paid 20 dollars to see a Katamari. Totally worth it
by Catter Kyatta March 28, 2009
1. The name of the tool used by the Prince in the game Katamari Damacy--the ever expanding ball of monumental importance that will one day consume all the earth. Quite possibly, Revelations may have predicted the Katamari and the King of All Cosmos to be the instruments of the apocalypse. How disturbing.

2. Nomme de plumme applied to the drug ecstasy by fellow college compatriots who found the drug references of the game hilarious and somewhat less than subliminal ("Roll free and forever!").
1. "My Katamari is bigger than your Katamari!"

2. "Dude...you got any katamaris?"
by heroin hiroshima August 12, 2005
Japanese word meaning "clump", became famous for it's use in the game Katamari Damacy. Used to roll up small things into bigger things, eventually contributing to the downfall of society.

Another meaning of it is a woman (or man) who is as wide as s/he is tall and takes the shape of a ball, much like a the main object from Katamari Damacy.
"Man, look at that Katamari over there! I just want to get behind her, start rolling her, and collect as many mushrooms as I can!"
by Brian "Larry" Conklin February 3, 2006
katamari (verb usage) To collect, especially 'ball up' as in the game.
See katamari for more info.
Great idea! Let's Katamari as many different lawyers into this as possible and let it loose into space.

- Magic5Ball a slashdot.org user



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by Bryan67 May 25, 2006