The girl that everyone wants, but some random kid that is seemingly undeserving gets. Usually ridiculously smart, and beautiful.
A- Did you hear?!? Kat is dating that Staley kid. He is so lucky!
B- No kidding! She is like the perfect woman, I mean have you seen that face!
C- Hey, will you guys stop fan-girling and pass the ketchup?
A- Heck no, we are talking about Kat.
C- Oh, my bad. I didnt know. Continue.
by nobodyinparticular;) September 22, 2014
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she is too sexy for words, very talented in every way and so much fun to be with--the ultimate PERFECT female--but not the intimidating kind--the kind that all the girls want to be her friend and all the guys want to be her man! If you know a "KAT" and she considers you her friend,consider yourself very lucky!!!
Kat and the girls went out on the town for a serious girl's night out that lasted two days!
by jon anchovi February 05, 2010
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Term refering to the hottest woman in the room.
A: Dude, that chick is such a Kat!
B: Yeah, she's even got a Kat's ass!
by Chiapet July 02, 2007
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proper noun. female. very beautiful, smart, funny and able to kick ass if pissed off.
"What happened to your face?"
"I laughed at Kat."
by JJmrrll October 03, 2011
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a total awesome, fun loving person that is totally out going, can be quite a flirt, loves to flirt, really good at flirting, can be a great kisser, can resist temptaion, loves to read, can be a bitch at times but takes it as a compliment... has great curves!!!! lovely hair and pretty looks too.
Charlie: Kat ur such a bitch!

Kat: I know! Thanks for the compliment
by Snow Petals December 23, 2008
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A confident yet shy, fun loving girl who can be slightly wacko at times but in a sexy way.
She's kind but can kick ass when she wants to.
She is also a really great kisser so is never short of boys.
Loves to just kick back and shop with the girls
by Name expert5869642638 July 14, 2011
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The coolest kid to walk the earth, a sexy nerd. Guys fall head over heels for her. She loves guys with all her heart. She loves to dance and eat chocolate.
You know you love her, just admit it!
by kasi Tree June 19, 2005
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