A girl who can act mean to strangers, but is really kind and childish. She is defiantly sexy like no joke good looking, but is full of many talents. Don't let that pretty face fool you this girl is strong and won't mind picking a fight with anyone as long as she won't get in trouble in the long run. This girl is defiantly a sports fan. So do yourself a favor and cherish a Kat if she's your friend bc your pretty lucky.
Dude watch out she's a "Kat"!
by BLANK27 January 05, 2015
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A sexy bicth! usally goes for the jocks a perfect example of a goddess.
Guy1: damn! look at her.
Guy2: Gotta be a Kat.
by kool dude 123 November 19, 2012
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The nickname Kat can come from many names: Katherine, Kathleen, Katina, Kateri, Katrin, Katya/ Katja, Katrina, Kaitlyn, Katjana, etc. But it's hard to tell which so most assume it is short for Katherine which can be irritating for non-Katherines. Kat's can be boring and shy when with people they can't connect with but get wild with their friends. Their quirky and creative personality make them great friends and they are always honest and compassionate, making them great lovers too. Kat's are hot and sexy AF so they pretty much bring the whole package.
Ted: Damn who is that?
Eric: I don't know but I bet she's a Kat.

Sam: Hey who's that chick over there? She's cute.
Nick: Oh thats Kat
Sam: wow her name suites her well
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by Cleveristic February 28, 2017
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A girl who is the prettiest girl in the room. she will light up your world. Kat is a very unique girl so never ever let her go, or else you will end regretting that you did.
Wow i am never letting Kat go
by hi it is me January 24, 2017
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