the funniest, sexy, clever, hot girl ever and hope she will stay in my life forever!!!! i love her <3 i wrote this just for you - cause u r and just :) xxxxxxx
Peter: i wish i could have that kat?!!!!!

Snake: soz mate shes mine

Peter: damm :/ u r one lucky bugger!
by Mini.moreland June 13, 2010
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She is so beautiful but never knows it. She is so “weird” but so many people think she is incredible! She will spam you with tik toks
KAT looks like a five year old but in a good way like that’s her style
by Hellobabe🤡 October 18, 2019
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Kat is one of the most gorgeous, fun, loveable person you will ever meet.. Even if shes in year 7 ; Shes really good at dancing too, and likes holding hands with year 8s (L)
Chloe: Hey Kat you danced great last night!
Kat: Yeah mayte its cause im cool 8-|
by Windy Miller xo March 03, 2007
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A girl who can act mean to strangers, but is really kind and childish. She is defiantly sexy like no joke good looking, but is full of many talents. Don't let that pretty face fool you this girl is strong and won't mind picking a fight with anyone as long as she won't get in trouble in the long run. This girl is defiantly a sports fan. So do yourself a favor and cherish a Kat if she's your friend bc your pretty lucky.
Dude watch out she's a "Kat"!
by BLANK27 January 05, 2015
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Kat is the one of the smartest girls you'll ever meet. Not only that, but she's hella cute and really hot. Many might think she's quiet and innocent, but if you get to know her, you'll soon find out that she's not. Kat enjoys different activities like playing video games, reading, and sleeping. She has a small circle of friends, but cares a lot about others. If she has a boyfriend, she definitely cares about him too. Don't bother even trying to go after her if she does because she loves and cares for him with all her heart. If not, you better go after her while you can before someone else snatches her up.
"Kat is so quiet, but she's super cute."
"Yeah. I talked to her once though. She doesn't actually seem that quiet, but she is super cute."
by xaanonymoussx September 16, 2017
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A girl who is the prettiest girl in the room. she will light up your world. Kat is a very unique girl so never ever let her go, or else you will end regretting that you did.
Wow i am never letting Kat go
by hi it is me January 24, 2017
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