A sexy ass girl who gives every single man a boner. Even teachers. she walks around and boys melt for her eyes and perfect ass.
Peter: "Whos that sexy ass girl?" john: "Man, that is kat!"
by kats lova May 15, 2011
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kat is a beautiful, loving, sweet, generous girl. she never judges and practically loves everyone. she can easily befriend people but typically befriends the wrong people and always ends up getting hurt.

kat may seem like she is so happy, but typically from so many people leaving her. kat isn’t happy, and that’s one reason she is so kind to others. so that way at least everyone else is happy. if you find a kat you never wanna use her, but she is often found being taken for granted. kat also makes some dumb descions when she doesn’t know what she wants or is scared.
“woah have you seen the new girl kat!”

“yea, but she already has her boyfriend _____ that treats her like garbage
by anonymousblood February 11, 2018
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A very nice sweet girl who likes to joke around and hang out with her friends. She sometimes is a bit harsh, but for good reason. She is an otaku and is a very smart popular girl.
It's a KAT
by asdhaslfbsdlkjnsdfdjabgadg August 18, 2009
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Acronym for Kick Ass This Summer. Often written in yearbooks.
From Mark Haufman
by 5678 June 07, 2006
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