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A gay trans from Sri Lanka that can't decide between race. This dumbass can't decide between a race his grades are white, while in a brown body with small ass eyes while rapping like a third world impoverished rapper. This guy will rape ur dad 2 cents and a lollipop just shove it up his a$$. This guy thinks he's sum esports gamer but in reality, he cant get a 2k high score in candy crush. I plead that you never meet, see, smell, hear, touch or even come in close proximity if u want to risk ur sanity, gender and virginity.
Eat ur vegetables or you'll become Kartike!
Yo, let's not go this way there are rumours of Kartike's creeping around!
by Kartike Ch January 07, 2019
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someone who is inferior to nehal. end of story.
u know the definition is the truth, so embrace it and move on.
by nvpstar09 December 09, 2004
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