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The misspelled version of the word "carrot." Generally, an astute member of the group may try to use Karrot to cheat at the relatively popular party game, "Scattegories."
Rebekka: Ok for "Vegetables Kids Hate" I put "carrots."

Jamal: Don't you spell "Karrot" with a K?

Rebekka: No, are you stupid or something?
by banananap June 30, 2011
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a root vegetable that is more awesome that a carrot
Would you like some karrot kake?
by Snotreal February 25, 2011
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A title typically given to the Secretary Assistant Generals of Model United Nations Clubs in English speaking nations , originating from the misspelling of the name of one of the Assistant Generals, which went viral in the Model United Nations community and became a meme that is often referenced.
A : "You coming to Model United Nations this week?
B: "No."
A: "Why?"
B: "The Karrot threw me out for talking too much. She is such a tyrant!"

A:"Wow, MUN was so good this week!"
B:"Yeah, the Karrot destroyed this one girl by pointing out how wrong she was about Panama's GDP"
by cykablyatka June 12, 2018
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