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Kandas' are known for their love of unicorns and for having a good time. A Kandas is likely to have good fashion. They are also known for secretly driving the men crazy, and not so secretly the ladies. Kandas' are wild and love to party, and can come up with a good retort to anything. Kandas can be your best friend whether they are 5 inches or 500 miles away from you. A Kandas is like a dog. Bitchy, but loyal when needed. It's been told they hate to be called Canada. Kandas' are near extinct, so if you find one, they are considered to be a 'lucky star'.
" Whoa dude, did you see that Kandas over there? Quick! Meet her and you'll get lucky!"
by CopperRoses December 29, 2011
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A sexy kind girl who dresses in black but not goth she has many friends and makes them easy she is normally in love with some one name justin there attracted to people with that name
That grl has so many friends she is so kanda.
by Pepper Vincent April 28, 2005
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