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A water loving freak. He'll take his clothes off right away when he sees a tub of water. Doesn't show much emotion. He's pretty hot tho.
Don't take your clothes off here, Haruka!
by Makoto Tachibana March 14, 2015
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Haruka is stunningly beautiful.
More beautiful than any other. She can charm anyone.
It's hard not to love Haruka.
She loves men with glasses that are sweet and thoughtful.
No one can compare to her.
If you are able to get a haruka to commit to you, never let her go.
Bring her a boba.
You can try but you'll never be a haruka.
by Joseph Gordon Levitt March 24, 2017
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an often-times clueless 14-year-old chihuahua that sits in front of the computer and plays video games all day. it likes to bark to entertain others. in other words, she is everyone's bitch. strangely enough, she owns a pet names tony.
bob: hey fetch, haruka
haruka: *stares into the computer* i'm gonna die, i'm gonna die!!!

haruka is such a poonani
by areyouforcereal March 04, 2009
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most often refers to an Asian-Japanese who acts and is a blonde-bimbo; the epiphany of the Asian version of blonde
"Ola! Look I just learned Mexican for you!"

"Omg, you just pulled a Haruka."
by tralalalala999 January 21, 2012
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