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The main charater in D.Gray Man. Has white hair, gray or bluey silver eyes. Scar on side of face. His innocence is called Crown Clown.

Allen Walker is a polite british boy who can kick akuma arse when needed. He has a kind disposition and gets along with everyone. Aside from Kanda Yu who seems to hate him. Allen likes to eat large quantities of food and miterashi dango.

Nicknamed Moyashi (Beansprout) due to his small size and white hair.

Allen is critisized of having a martyr complex and thinks of others before himself.

He is good friends with Lavi Bookman and Linalee Lee.

Allen is also known to be the 14th noah, meaning he s slowly turning into a Noah.

Allen is the only exorcist able to controll the ark. His innocence also saved him when Tyki Mikk killed him.

All in all Allen is a nice boy who only wants the best for everyone. He wants to save Akuma's souls and destroy the millenium earl.

In fanfics Allen is normaly paired with either Lavi or Kanda. Laven or Yullen. He is also seen with Tyki (Poker Pair).
He is not normally seen with Linalee as not many people actually like this pairing.

Hevlask 'Allen Walker you will make a great destroyer of time'

Allen 'I will walk forward untill the day i die'

Allen 'bring forth salvation to this tormented Akuma's soul!'
by D.GrayDemon June 19, 2010
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