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Meaning 'Sucessful' in Persian (farsi)

Can be someones name or be used in a sentence
Kamyar joon , bia injah.
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An absolute dad. Kamyar is also referred to by Baba, daddy, Ava, papa, sugar Baba, big schnitzel, and finese god. A Kamyar is especially good at stealing your girl and anyone’s girl. If you ever see a Kamyar you better hide your girl cuz he’ll steal them. A Kamyar is not cheap with his money and balls out on his hoes. When you get with the kam you better not have a man but even if you do kami don’t give a shit.A Kamyar has no time for a bitches problems unless there his main bitch at the time. A Kamyar typically has many wives and girlfriends at the same time. A Kamyar is in other words a god, they are super sexy, have a long kabob, and have many talents
Girlfriend 27: ugh I was with a Kamyar last night and he’s such a god his dick was at least 9 inches long before it had a boner

Girlfriend 31: I know he broke up with me last week because I was on the phone with him and said if you want to break up then break up and he did ooof what a man
by Muff obliteration June 22, 2018
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He has a smooth dick but uses the word gay a lot. He is faheds bitch he does everything for him. Kamyar is also considered “CUTE
Look it’s kamyarGAY
by Bonjobi January 20, 2019
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an absolute bitch who deos plentyful haram tings
awww shiitt man that was so kamyar!! wtf!
by Koush daddy January 23, 2017
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Kamyar is the bro of arian.kamyar same as arian is from tehran.kamyar have so many tighs and khars.
Hi kamyar,what is your brother name?
by Behnam007 August 18, 2018
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