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totally awesome and chill motherfucker; inherently gifted in many fields. arians exhibit an acute tendency to hotness, awesomeness, and overall ridiculously-coolness, although this occasionally leads to mild to severe arrogance and, rarely, an alarmingly inflated ego.
Girl: Damn that guy is such an arian!
Boyfriend: Shit! Another one for that arian! Wish I was an arian...
Arian: Muahhahahahaha
by jafar May 02, 2005
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Derived from the man Arius or the belief of Arianism itself, the believer of the teachings of Arius, which taught that Jesus Christ was not divine but only man, but his teachings should be followed.
Many Germanic Tribes from the Late Antiquity age were Arians. The Ostrogoth King Theodoric was an Arian. Arian Christianity was looked as Heresy by the Orthodox Christian Churches.
by Chris November 06, 2005
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Divine embodiment of perfection. Summarizes every queen of the east. A name affiliated with excellence.
*sneezes* Arian bless!!
by 868tian May 31, 2018
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columbian+somewhat perverted.
makes akward accents that shouldnt
be heard anywhere.
is pretty fandubulous.
BITCH FACT: kinda racist.
arian creeps me out
by i speak of nothing June 19, 2009
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