Bob was minging, he had not changed his kacks in weeks.
by TrevorM December 5, 2008
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is the german word for "shit"
Peter: Das Wetter ist heute total kacke!
by breeZa August 13, 2006
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When your dog chokes and it literally sounds like the word "Kack".
Dog: "KACK! "

Owner: " Honey I found my other sock."
by Struckbinkey649 July 20, 2017
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vb intr. - messed up, broken, not functioning according to design
(vb. trans. - kack = break)
The sysadmin finally resigned himself to the fact that -- despite his best efforts -- the Linux server was kacked.
by Ed July 28, 2003
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I walked up to this girl and I said "Let's Kack!" and she was like "Aiight take me home baby"
by UrbanLyfe May 4, 2009
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kack means :-
1) from latin which refers to wiping your arse

2) means shit , ballshit , arse wipe

3) crap

4)tosser/ wanker
1) s/he talks kack
2) s/he's a bit of kack
by hycksos June 7, 2009
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1.Moose dick, used in some ones mouth. usually some one who is not aware of how much moose kack they suck.
2.To fuck up in a major way.
1.You suck big moose kack.
2.You totally Kacked that shot.
by ja ca December 23, 2007
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