A person with much more power than you and who is bitter enough to use it in ways that please him/her.
So, you say this is a pretty important file? *delete*
by JiaXue November 1, 2003
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The troll that looks over the computers at your school/library/local bestbuy. He has no real power and solely relies on smoke and mirrors to intimidate students. His magical powers include psychic remote viewing (through VNC desktop viewer), sending popup messages through winpopup, remote restart/shutdown, locking up your desktop, and playing god. Skills involved in being a sysadmin include networking, hardware, and being an asshole.
Mr. Rankins is a stereotypical sysadmin.
by Dark2k1 July 28, 2006
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A person that hates everybody.
A sysadmin's skills are determined by his capacity to ignore time constraints and his attachment to bad faith. Additionally, a sysadmin usually believes anything with a higher level of abstraction than the C programming language is stupid.
Company: "Akshay, our email hasn't been working correctly for the past year. Can you please fix it?"
Sysadmin: "F*ck you! There is no way email is broken. I'll look at it tonight."
by Swisstern October 6, 2006
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From the SAGE website:
system administrator n. a system administrator is one who, as a primary job function, manages computer and network systems on behalf of another, such as an employer or client
by ma11achy August 12, 2003
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Someone who makes what ever craptastic software package or networking configuration that the customer and/or development team wants actually work.
SysAdmin because developers need help. I know some people say heroes but it's really help. Lots and lots of help.

Our sysadmin rocks. She made some kernel tweaks and now that crappy software stopped crashing.
by Quiet Fleece October 18, 2017
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When someone who does IT for a living has to do unnecessary or low level work on a personal project to the point it feels like a chore.
Arch linux is retarted. I want to use my computer not sysadmining it all the time.
by TechParadox November 4, 2014
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