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Kacee is not like the other women I’ve ever met. She’s quite lovely, exquisite, beautiful, sexy, alluring, at times an enigma, very sweet and I enjoyed every minute that I was fortunate enough to be able to spend with her.

The sound of her voice alone is calming enough to be able to endure a hurricane.

Be prepared for her need for space, occasional boundary setting, and bringing aspects of her work home.

She can dress down or dress up. She doesn’t need makeup, enjoys the city as well as occasional nature or country, appreciates traditional as well as modern living indoors.

Her ability to excel at games including video games as well as poker may at times cross over to relationships.

She’ll inspire you to wanna be a better person, encourage you to challenge yourself to change, provide positive affirmation.

She’s slow to open her heart up but when she does you should appreciate her, not take her for granted, and treat her like the Angel that she is.
Kacee is angel, a guiding light. I love her and I’ll always open my heart back up since Love Flows through us, not necessarily from us.
by djguardian January 14, 2019
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A Kacee is a BEAUTIFUL woman. Blue eyes, blonde hair, nice ass...the works. Anyone with the name of Kacee should be grabbed now--they are a high commodity. Many think that Kacee's are angels on earth.
"Hey did you see that hot girl??"
"Yeah. Let me guess, her name was Kacee huh."
"Because all sexy females are named Kacee."
by jonkins11 September 30, 2009
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A nice guy with good intentions. Kacee can make friends with any stranger and win them over, but be weary, as he gets to close he may backlash with temperment behaviors saying hurtful words and using any weaknesses against you. He is an amazing boyfriend to when he wants to be, with endless potential. He is an amazing lover, passionate and caring, he is a giver. He will do anything in his power to make sure you feel completely satisfied and taken care of. While he is known to be quite lazy at times, this never applies in the bedroom. He is a genuine person who puts his heart into all that he does which can occasionally turn a good situation bad quickly. He is self centered and always quick to place the blame onto others. However if recongized these thoughts can be altered and he may become the pèrfect husband. He is loyal to the ones he loves. Hes romantic, and a freak in the sheets. Any woman would be lucky to have him.
Me: Kacee, you are the most amazing man ive ever met.

Kacee: Thank you.
by Casemeister420 March 12, 2017
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