Kace is one of the cutest guys in school. if you know a Kace, be careful he cares for a lot of people,and he but if you talk bad about him he will hear about it someway and he wont stand down until he hears what he wants to. Kace is a good kid just don't mess with his friends. Hes a kid with a big heart but might have so rough sides also.
look a kace, hes so hot
by 4realthebestbitch December 06, 2017
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Pronounced(Case). A combination of the word ace and someone with the first name starting in K. Meaning ace, awesome, amazing, unbelievable, inspirational, the best. Simply, Ace or KaCe
Richy: Dang did you see Kenny? He's so Ace.
Rena: Yeah, he really is good. Hmm, Kenny + Ace = KaCe?
by Kenny Choi December 07, 2008
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buy the domain for your art vlog
its cake but in a different way( i found it out by getting it mixed up with cake )
I love kace, Kace has alot of Weird Stuff on it
by The one who is god to some August 27, 2003
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