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Dunpeal is the offspring of a Master Vampire and a unturned Human.As for sun light and drinking blood, Dunpeals fear this less, however they can be stricken by 'heat syndrome' and are overcome with an animalistic blood lust from time to time.
Vampire Hunter D is a dunpeal
by Echo September 06, 2004

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My blackest white freind.
by Echo November 03, 2003

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When the Rim of a toilet is covered with piss
#1 Damn it i sat on piss rim

#2 Im not cleaing up that piss rim
by echo August 06, 2004

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A ska/rock/punk band from yateley in the south of England made up of friends of mine. (i'm writing this so i can say i knew them if they ever get famous)
God man 3WAYS4WARD rocked last night.
by Echo March 01, 2004

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Mexican champagne.
We budweiser for the quinceniera (15th birthday) party...ay!
by echo January 09, 2004

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"red hat wearing, clam anamation loving, smooth talking, photographer...who just happens to be awasome."
by Echo November 03, 2003

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Short for "location".
From military origin, it is often used in video games today.
Often given in co-ordinates.
Bob: What is your loc?
Joe: Im behind the tower, 2504,306
by Echo July 02, 2004

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