Indigenous species found in sewer,
Broke, below poverty line cobblers
Girls tell this species that they are worse than ugly.
“Bro are you KaWa? why don’t you bring money
Hate that mafucker KaWa”
by xxx6789asd August 31, 2021
Ugandan slang word that means 'okay', 'fine',or 'good'
I was scared before the exam but it was kawa
by muchiga5 September 2, 2008
Kawa is the nicest person you and everyone will ever meet. They are generally sexy but denies it. They have a great personality but and a great voice but they are very shy
Kawa is a nice person.
by KawaPerson January 31, 2022
Kawa is a verb

Definition: sneezing so hard that their eyes get inhaled as they sneeze.
Oh my god I’m gonna Kawa!
by Baby Haha December 22, 2019
The baddest mofucko around he's blessed with a large fat penis the ruins all the hoes every once and a while he sucks a dick just to change it up
Kawae has such a large peni
by Jstu October 11, 2017
a word that a mentaly ill person came up with (Kedux) replaces the word "OwNz"
or just any thing u like. <Insert Word Here> (KAWA!)
this movie is a KAWA movie!
yes this is a KAWA word!

by Zal May 9, 2004
Kawamura Yuji,Ultimate Baker being beaten up or injured really bad.This also includes Cock and ball tourture.
Natsuo started to do Kawa Abuse.
by Kyo Kiyoshi May 6, 2020