When an individual is behaving in manner which is deemed questionable by his or her peers.
Boy 1 - 'Have you spoken to jamal lately'
Boy 2 - 'Nah man, that nigga moving irregular'
by Hood Houdini November 28, 2018
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When you have so much crap in your system, it backs up to your brain.
The Japanese Irregulars on Huff Po are full of crap. CrapD is full of most of it.
by Helen Scaldicrotch December 24, 2011
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The politically correct term used to refer to circus freaks.
"I even helped a whole town of circus freaksdammit, you're not supposed to call them 'freaks' — Irregular Americans."
by Solo Amadeus October 25, 2022
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Those volunteers that have been blogging daily since the March 11, 2011 Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster in Japan; posting up to date information from sources World Wide, because MSM will not!
I learned from the Japanese Irregulars today, that 3 reactors in Fukushima, Japan have melted down and are now causing a Several Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster (STDED)!
by CaptD December 26, 2011
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They fucking suck...
Dad: Hey joey did you learn your irregular verbs?
Joey: No.
Dad: You´re a dissapointment
by Pootdispenerhere September 13, 2019
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A story revolving around a boy who attends SFU who's in search of his perfect soulmate. As he faces many hardships throughout the semester, will he find the one who will complete him
Person 1: I can't wait for the next season of The Irregular at SFU

Person 2: Yeah, that show is the best
by Angela642 January 25, 2021
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A truth that varies with time and circumstance thus being true at one time and not true at another.
It is an irregular truth that Pluto is a Planet.
by Lenny Klever October 10, 2011
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