A common kick ass Japanese last name. Typically "kawa" means river and "mura" means village but kanji with other meanings can be used to substitute syllables.
Kawamura family is sugoi!!!!!!!
by omoshiroii July 1, 2008
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A Japanese rapper, vocalist, model and actor of the boygroup THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE. Very Handsome guy
"Kazuma Kawamura is so handsome"
by ateez1234 November 2, 2020
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vry vry Japanese. nicccceeeeeeeeee
good at everything lol
person 1 : waaaoooooowww haruka kawamura is like soooooooo good at breathing
person 2 : yea she's rly good at everything
by yasminerrrr May 3, 2022
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