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Stalin's wet dream on treads, the KV-2 is essentially a KV-1 with a stupid ass turret and a 152mm cannon that shoots anal rape compressed into tank shells. Its suspension has been known to be lubricated with the tears of its enemies and armor made of impenetrable Stalinium. In video games, it is passionately referred to as "The King of Derp" in World of Tanks, and "Death Star" in Warthunder. Russian tenk stronk tenk. Best in world.
"That KV-2 just obliterated my entire house with its ridiculous gun!"
"One shorted by a KV-2 again. Time to commit Seppuku."
by Hetzer February 26, 2015
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An entity in a video game that is extremely overpowered or relies on mostly or only luck to preform well.
That ability is a total KV-2.
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by camo_man June 13, 2017
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