Meaning approximatly "fear(s) nothing", the word first came into use as a name for a class of large (sail) ships, dominant during the early 20:th century. The word has often appeared (occationally with slight difference in spelling, e.g. Dreadnaught).

Examples of modernised usage include (different, fictional) classes of ships, especially spacecraft within various sci-fi franchises, Spacemarine Dreadnoughts from GW:s Warhammer 40K franchise (sarcophagus-like warmachines which hold the remains of fallen, near-incapacitated heroes of the Imperium) and a guitar body. The word also commonly appears as a synonym for just about anything "big" or, in some cases, strong, impressive of awe-inspiring.
Person 1: Am I wrong, or is a dreadnought not a ship-class from mass effect?

Person 2: A dreadnought can be many things, my friend...
by Kahiron July 20, 2012
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One that is among the largest or most powerful of it's kind
SEE- Aaron Diaz; once named dreadnought of cartoonists

nerd 1 - hey dude, who do you reckon is the best cartoonist?
nerd 2 - Aaron Diaz, for sure. Have you seen Dresden Codak?
by eyks February 16, 2014
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An amazing male, whom is very sweet, kind, and loveable. Your best friend, and mentor... That guy you just want to hug and hug and hug forever... That guy you love like a brother... maybe as more, though. Someone who will never laugh at you, and will make you feel as if you're the only person alive that matters... That loves you fully, but let would let you go out with his best friend, because he's just that kind of guy... Even though you eventually end up being with him.
Girl named Michelle comes up to her dreadnought crying

****: What's wrong Michelle?

Michelle: he broke up with me... over a text message...

****: need a hug?

Michelle: yes. *hugs*

^_^ yay..
by EmoticX666 May 1, 2009
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A dreadnought was a type of battleship that emerged in the early 20th century. It all started in 1906, when the Royal Navy launched HMS Dreadnought. With its steam turbine engine, and uniform “all big gun” battery, its design was so superior that it made literally every other battleship in the world completely obsolete. The USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and even Chile, Brazil and Argentina frantically began building and buying ships of this type, which collectively became known as “dreadnoughts”. This “dreadnought race” is comparable to the nuclear arms race of the Cold War. Dreadnoughts were enormously expensive, and a nation’s technological, economic and industrial power was measured by how many dreadnoughts it possessed. Dreadnoughts ruled the waves up until WWII, when the age of battleships in general came to an end. Aircraft carriers and naval aviation superseded them as the key striking power of a modern fleet.
British and German dreadnoughts clashed inconclusively during WWI in 1916 at the battle of Jutland, considered by some the largest naval battle in history.

Spain built three dreadnoughts of the España class. Because of the feeble Spanish economy, they were the smallest dreadnoughts ever built. They did see combat action, but all three were destroyed in rather ignominious ways.
by A solid cube of tungsten November 2, 2019
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one that is among the largest or most powerful of its kind
by Diaren Whan October 6, 2003
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A heavily armed sarcophagus of one of the Imperiums finest warriors.
Space Marine 1: "We're getting destroyed by all these fucking Orks!"
Space Marine 2: "Look, here comes a Dreadnought!"
Dreadnought: "I have waited long for this day."
<Dreadnought massacures Ork army>
Space Marine 1: "LOL"
by God-Emperor of Mankind May 19, 2008
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A turd of gargantuan proportions.
I keep flushing, but the dreadnought remains.
by TheDefenestrator April 15, 2005
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