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Meaning approximatly "fear(s) nothing", the word first came into use as a name for a class of large (sail) ships, dominant during the early 20:th century. The word has often appeared (occationally with slight difference in spelling, e.g. Dreadnaught).

Examples of modernised usage include (different, fictional) classes of ships, especially spacecraft within various sci-fi franchises, Spacemarine Dreadnoughts from GW:s Warhammer 40K franchise (sarcophagus-like warmachines which hold the remains of fallen, near-incapacitated heroes of the Imperium) and a guitar body. The word also commonly appears as a synonym for just about anything "big" or, in some cases, strong, impressive of awe-inspiring.
Person 1: Am I wrong, or is a dreadnought not a ship-class from mass effect?

Person 2: A dreadnought can be many things, my friend...
by Kahiron July 19, 2012
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One that is among the largest or most powerful of it's kind
SEE- Aaron Diaz; once named dreadnought of cartoonists

nerd 1 - hey dude, who do you reckon is the best cartoonist?
nerd 2 - Aaron Diaz, for sure. Have you seen Dresden Codak?
by eyks February 15, 2014
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A heavily armed sarcophagus of one of the Imperiums finest warriors.
Space Marine 1: "We're getting destroyed by all these fucking Orks!"
Space Marine 2: "Look, here comes a Dreadnought!"
Dreadnought: "I have waited long for this day."
<Dreadnought massacures Ork army>
Space Marine 1: "LOL"
by God-Emperor of Mankind May 19, 2008
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1. Stool of mammoth and painful proportions.. even bigger than a (dead otter)
"that dreadnought left me feeling like id been arse raped by a donkey"
by Jimbo and the master mixers January 20, 2004
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One of the many bands scattered across the globe from Nova Scotia, to Sydney
that preform the style of music that has no real name, a 50/50 split of Punk Rock, and Folk Music, The Dreadnoughts were formed in 2007 in Vancouver, Canada
and began their career as the opening act for fellow Canadian "The Style of Music that has no Name" band The Real Mckenzies, and after receiving their praise, decided that their path was set.

The Dreadnoughts are usually associated with Hard Cider, more so Cyder hand crafted oft bootlegged hard Cyder
Dreadnoughts Cyder!!!
by Alkee777 May 05, 2014
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