DEFINITION: Your freestyle has flow
"DJ Shitzorelli's got mad kramp style."
by BOOF THWAP April 22, 2005
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A guy who's sexual prowess is so low that he usually turns his mates gay. The penis of a Krampe doesnt grow after birth. They are usually thought of as the absolute dumbest examples of human life and can usually be found raping various farm animals. Krampe's tend to smell like a mixture of sour milk and failure.
I thought that guy had his shit together but I caught him fucking a sheep. What a Krampe!!!
by jkuss80 May 30, 2009
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The sudden wave of attack from a future shit that is often accompanied by intestinal pains and groaning, causing the victim to cease movement and crouch down in agony. A massive shit generally follows. Also known as a PK.
Sorry I'm late. I just had a massive pk.

If i didn't feel that poopey kramp, i would have shit my pants on the spot!
by gofr March 29, 2008
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when you stick your dick into a 400 pounders ass and let her sit down on you for an hour. You then let her shit on your chest and rubs her tits on it then you lick it all off.
go do a cock kramp
by bid gyu February 2, 2017
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you just got Kramped
by DerKRAMP February 1, 2017
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Common Surname generally or Dutch or German origin.
"What's you last name?" "Krampe. Pronounced Kram-pay"
by Ancestoryt35 May 15, 2017
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When you consume more Krispy Kreme donuts than your stomach can hold and your ileum is lodged open due to the amount of material in the digestive tract resulting in a quick and full bowel evacuation of your colon.
Dude, I think Meredith had Krispy Kramps right before she shit her new sun dress.
by Coke Can May 14, 2018
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