The male land-owner of the Hinata Dorm in the Manga / Anime "Love Hina". Also an artist and a day dreamer who desperately tries to get into Tokyo University to fulfill a promise he made 15 years ago. Tends to get into many "pervy" situations with the female residents.
Keitaro got smacked by Naru for accidentally peeping while she undressed.
by >_<; March 31, 2005
Is a dirty little whore you loves drinking old women nut
I sure wish I was a Keitaro
by Sjsjrngjcjed April 16, 2020
Used for someone who is clumsy, perverted, or just plain stupid. In other cultures, it is used for someone who gets off on kissing turtles and stealing women's panties.

(Hint Hint: Love Hina)
by Narusegawa May 22, 2003
A cum thirsty slut that can’t control themselves when they’re hard.
God that guy is hot, maybe we can manipulate him into having a threesome with us, I heard he’s a dirty Keitaro so it shouldn’t be hard.
by Mxster April 16, 2020
A cum thirsty slut move where someone ejaculates onto ones body just to make it harder for them to clean up.
Yooo dude, Miranda pulled a dirty Keitaro on you while you were asleep!
by Mxster April 16, 2020
Keitaro is a ugly little faggot who loves sucking on a woman named Rachaels titties and licking her cucci while sipping on her nut
Keitaro is a boy
by Sjsjrngjcjed April 16, 2020