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Emoticon used to display a "dizzy" effect. Used when one feels "high" or confused.
Bob: I sold my soul for a ham and cheese sammich.
Joe: @_@
by >_<; April 10, 2005
An expression used when an individual(usually horny male) is tantalized or amazed by the beauty/size of a woman's breasts.
*random hottie flashes boobs*

@o@ ---> (.)(.)

-See Vgcats.com comic 151 for a funny example
by >_<; May 3, 2005
Japanese Comic or manga that portrays the twisted and suspenseful story of Yamagi Light, a genius who gets his ambitious hands on the Notebook of Death. Upon writing a persons name and the cause of death within its pages the person will die 40 seconds later. However, Light has to overcome the police and super sleuth "L" who pursue him before he can "cleanse the earth" of filth.
Light wrote >_<; in the Death Note. Looks like I'm dea-*ack* *cough* X_x
by >_<; April 1, 2005
The male land-owner of the Hinata Dorm in the Manga / Anime "Love Hina". Also an artist and a day dreamer who desperately tries to get into Tokyo University to fulfill a promise he made 15 years ago. Tends to get into many "pervy" situations with the female residents.
Keitaro got smacked by Naru for accidentally peeping while she undressed.
by >_<; March 31, 2005
Emoticon used to emulate the "Sharingan eye" used by the ninja Hatake Kakashi in the anime Naruto.
WHOAMG You've been SHARINGANED! >_@ !!!!!
by >_<; April 20, 2005
The "Turtle Wave" beam used by Son Goku in DragonBall Z to blow up baddies. In order to use it, one must take a constipated position, cup the hands while slowly screaming "KAMEHAMEHA". The process may take 3 DragonBall Z episodes.
my bad lemme try that again. ^_^; - Goku
by >_<; April 2, 2005